About Me and This Blog

I live in a little slice of Paradise in the foothills of Northern California - the perfect place for an artist, or for just about anyone else for that matter!

The things that used to define me are gone - job gone in retirement ten years now, dear husband passed for six years now, and my sweet daughter and her husband living across the country for the past five years.  Of course my daughter remains near and dear to me, but in a new way now that she's married and living so far away.  So the last few years have been a process of redefinition and redirection.

My two remaining loves are animals and art.  A few years ago I got an inspiration on how to combine them and I founded a non-profit corporation, Wild Hare Art for Animals.  The purpose of this one-person organization is to market my art and direct any proceeds to animal charities.  My subject are animals, and I dearly love them, so this is a full circle, I think.  I find it very satisfying.  But I must admit that I'm more attuned to the creating part than the marketing part.  So be it.  I do what I can.

I have also always liked writing.  In fact, I have written four books, all of them art instruction.  One thing I find frustrating when I look at art books is that I want to know what the artist was thinking as he/she worked.  So this blog is about that about me.  I hope other artists will create similar blogs.  Probably they already have, so I'll just have to continue my search for them because I would surely like this effort to be a two-way conversation.

You will see a page that's sort of like a little store.  It's a series of links to vendors of books and art products that I've found helpful and good.  These links use those vendor's affiliate programs.  So, if you follow the link then end up buying any products from that vendor after navigating from my blog, I will recieve a small percentage of your purchase.  This represents NO cost to you, but I'll get a little bit, happily pass it on to the animals, and thank you for it.

Meantime, enjoy!  And thank you for looking at my blog.  I hope it's helpful to you.