Monday, August 30, 2010

Today I submitted my entires for the Pastel 100. This is a competition sponsored by Pastel Magazine and the top 100 entries are featured in an up-coming issue. I entered last year and didn't make it. I was "on the fence" about entering this year, but decided nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's a bit pricey - $20 per image entry fee and I entered two. One of the tough parts about this competition is that non-winners (notice I didn't say "losers") are not notified, so there's just that "left hanging" feeling. I entered my latest two painting, the Sun Conures and the portrait of Aslan. Wish me luck!

My next project will be two oil paintings. I'm going to try working on two at once and see how that goes. Since I work in lots of layers and each layer has to dry overnight, sometimes a painting session is pretty short so two paintings will keep me busy! This is very likely a bad idea, but we'll see.

One of the paintings is my first commission for my venture into pet portraiture. "Patches" is a sweet little dog who has sadly passed away. It will be an honor to paint her as the finished piece will be an important keepsake for her "mom." Also I will earn $250 for the cat shelter that I donate to. Patches is mostly black with just a little white on her chin and chest, so the color will be quite a challenge.

The other painting will be of three rabbits. I have a frame that is pretty wide and has fancy carving. I thought it would look good with an old-fashioned picture of the rabbits. I began drawing it last night and I really got engrossed in the task. The rabbits are pretty much completely drawn but I still need to decide what to do with the background. I still find drawing the most fun medium of all.

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