Saturday, October 23, 2010

Animal Fairy Challenge - part 1, the Swan

Shelley suggested an animal fairy challenge and I thought it was a fun idea, so we got started!  I have a deck of Druid Animal Oracle cards and we decided to use them to suggest our subjects.  We began by removing all the animals that we thought wouldn't really work very well and that left about 20 cards remaining.  Shelley spread the cards, and I drew one - the Swan.  Next time I suppose I'll spread the cards and she'll draw.  But it doesn't really matter since if we continue long enough we'll do them all anyway.

We gave ourselves a few days for "research," then got started.  Shelley is working on an adorable baby swan - a cygnet.  When she's finished I'll post the photo.  Meanwhile, here's mine - a black swan - I named Nuit Saphir (Sapphire Night). 

I used interference blue and interference violet mica powders over black polymer clay for the body, head, and neck, and pink and orange mica powders on her bill, legs, and feet.  As usual, I made the wings from wire and Fantasy Film decorated with Art Glitter and Swarovski flat-back pearls.  She has tiny star-shaped cubic zirconia at the tips of her antennae and a pearl on her head.  She also carries a cluster of pearls on her back, standing for her clutch of cygnets.  She's standing on a beautiful piece of natural crystel.  I hope you enjoy the photo.

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