Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Generously-Sized Cats Fly

Here is my sixth and final project as Guest Designer for Art Glitter - feline fairy wings.  It has been so much fun, and working with the sparkle and gleam is such a great break between the more "serious" paintings.
The concept on this project was interesting, but I must admit that the final product, though great fun to make, is completely impractical.  I have nine cats.  When I tried to find one to try the wings on, six immediately headed for deep cover.  Of the remaining three, Phreddee was willing but too fat – the harness wouldn’t close!  I got the harness on Mopsy, but she immediately flattened on the carpet and began crawling backwards at mach speed!  Belle tolerated it – but just long enough to get the picture - and only with Shelley's helping hand coaxing her. 
I wish I could have figured out a way to make a headband (that would stay on!) that I could attach feelers to.  Anyway, I learned that cat harnesses have great possibilities as costume bases if only one had a willing cat.......

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