Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big Trouble!

Wow!  I don't know that I've ever seen something quite this blue!  It didn't look it when I was working on it, but the camera said "yes, this is REALLY blue!"  I thought that the red roses had to go.  The color just wasn't working with the rest of the piece.  I re-worked and re-worked and just wasn't happy with them.  So I got out the trusty paper towel and wiped away as much of the pigment as I could.  Then I went back with the blue.  I know that blue roses are a mere figment of the imagination but I thought the color would work better.  And I think it does - it's just too bright.  So I'll have to tone it down - maybe a wash of dark blue or maybe a wash of orange.  I don't think the paper will take much more pigment at this point.

So, this piece was supposed to be "just for fun," but it hasn't really been that much fun yet - probably a combinatiion of it just not going like I envisioned and spending so much time fooling around with the wallpaper.  Anyway, there's always hope...

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