Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Sweet Swan Scene

 When I sculpted this little swan I forgot to put mica powders on it before I cured it.  What a shock when I went to fetch it from the oven and it was plain dull white!  What to do?  I decided to paint it although I don't usually particularly like that effect.  But I couldn't think of an alternative.  So I painted it with acrylics, varnished it, then antiqued it with a mixture of burnt unber and burnt sienna oil paint.  I'm not really sure that I like the outcome all that much, but at least I salvaged the piece.

I like the sculpting and think the subject has appeal.  The beading was a bit time-consuming, but I alway enjoy it, especially making lush fringe.  These White Lotus freshwater pearls that I got from Fire Mountain Gems ( are really nice.  They have such a beautiful lustre.  I'm going to post this piece in my etsy shop, The Foxes' Garden, and see what happens.

Making the swan was quite enjoyable.  And those teeny cygnets were quite a challenge, but a super addition, I think.

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