Friday, May 3, 2013

A Wonderful Experience

One of my ACEO customers gave me a wonderful experience.  She had bid on one of my ACEO's which was a black cat fairy standing on a stone wall with lilac bushes in the background and a full moon in the sky.  But she didn't win the piece.  She wrote me about how disappointed she was that she had missed it and wondered if I would do another one.  I explained that I couldn't do one over the same design because I sell my pieces as one-of-a-king originals, but I could do one that was similar.  She replied that she wanted it for her sister who is living with her and sufferring from stage 4 breast cancer and had recently gone through the great loss of having her beloved black cat pass away. 

I was greatly honored to paint this one for her.  One of my strongest inspirations is the great bond between animals and their humans.

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