Friday, December 27, 2013

Celestial Bear is Ready to Stargaze


I used many more different kinds of seed beads in this piece than I have in my others.  Where I needed consistent size - the peyote stitch bale and the trail of the shooting star - I used Delicas.  But elsewhere I had more free rein.  So I used Czech size 11s, which tend to be larger than the Delicas and somewhat uneven in size, cube beads, and bugle beads.  The cubes and bugles don't show much in this photo because they're very close to the bear.

Originally, I thought I would have many more dnagles streaming from the vertical lines underneath the bear, but in the end I thought three were enough.  There are 3mm crystal AB Swarovski crystals incorporated into these dangles for extra sparkle.  I added a short extention to each of the vertical lines beneath the bear, but then I took them out again because they detracted rather than added.

My beading addiction is definitely growing!

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