Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reindeer Steps

 With this reindeer, I took a few photos along the way.  I started the same was as with the one I posted a few days ago - an armature made from paper covered florist wire then a pipe cleaner on the head and body, and a twisted rusted wire set of antlers.

The next step was to do the initial wraps.  On the legs I used the wool I would finish with - the legs are sufficiently thin that they only get one wrap.  For the body and head I used off white core wool.  At this stage, all I've done is wrap roving.

 To finish building the form, I used a combination of wrapping and adding small shapes.  I added larger bean shaped pieces of core wool to either side of the body, then wrapped tightly with a wide, thin length of roving to cover those seams.  I added a rectangle for the chest and another for the shoulder bumps.  So far, it's all been core wool.

But then I added rectangles to build up the upper arms and legs, using the finish wool this time.

Next, I attached the antlers by wrapping the wire ends tightly under the chin.  They get covered with wool as I finish the head and face and that's what keeps them in place.

Here's the finished reindeer.   After making five, I'm getting the process down and am thinking of offerring a little workshop here locally.  I love these guys!


  1. Dag Kaaren, ik vind je rendieren prachtig gemaakt !
    Je doet me ook zin krijgen om met wol en viltnaalden te werken....
    groetjes uit België,

    1. Thanks, Simonne,
      I do hope you work with wool and felting needles - the feel of the wool is like magic!