Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The First Sparrow

Now I'm making a sparrow for my Thistledown Manor animal group.  I'm planning to make more than one - perhaps three - as these birds, English Sparrows, travel in flocks.

This photo shows the bird just before putting on the plumage.  The wings and tail are each pairs of wool felt piece, cut to the shape of the wing or tail, sewn together around the side and lower edges, then slipped over the wing or tail wire and felted in place againt the body.  The wool felt makes a nice surface to add the color details to.

The problem is that I have made a male sparrow.  Perhaps I should explain - the problem is that I planned to put a dress made from a vintage hankie on this bird, and of course boys don't typically wear dresses.  Perhaps this is an example of worrying about things too much.  Or, perhaps I'll make the two others with female plumage and leave this one 'au naturel.'

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