Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another Stencil Project

I have so enjoyed working with stencils that I make on my Cricut machine, that I've decided to do another set - this time of leaves.  I made five stencils: four different leaves and then a fifth one that was a smaller version of one of the others.  Which brings up another thing I like about the Cricut process:  once you do your drawing, you can make different sizes of it for different applications.

Anyway, I began with a simple paper collage then added washes of greens and blues.  I stenciled my leaves on several sheets of tissue paper, using white gesso.  When the gesso was dry, I applied washes of watercolor which tinted the paper but left the leaf design essentially white.  I then added pieces of the tissue paper until I had a design that I liked. 

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