Friday, May 13, 2011

A Mixed Media Approach to Pencil

I so enjoyed working on this piece.  My cat Mick is such a sweetheart.  And I like working with colored pencil and metallic paints.  Plus, there's the Theban script, which says "the sun."  So this is a painting of Mick as the sun.  I am planning companion pieces of Phreddee as the moon and Boson as the stars.  More fun to come!

This is a small painting, 8" x 8", done on MDF.  I sealed it with Jo Sonja's All Purpose Sealer then added three coats of gesso.

I worked the cat and background in layers of colored pencil, blending and brightening each layer with Gamsol solvent.  The spirals are erased before the solvent is added.  The script is just regular graphite.

The metallic is Golden acryllic gold.  To add the water-based paint over the solvent, I first sealed the piece with Krylon spray Workable Fixatif.  This workable fixative is such a great product - I've found so many uses for it over the years.  By the way, the edges are painted gold so that the piece can hang with a frame.

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