Monday, May 2, 2011

Something New - A Double ACEO

About six years ago I did several designs for small needlework pieces for a start-up company.  One of them was these two parrots, and I thought they'd make good ACEOs.  Having two birds that were a pair gave me a special idea for the ACEOs - to make a pair, but beyond that, a pair that actually continued the same scene.  So I worked the two as one piece then cut them apart when I was done.  I think it's an interesting idea and I'm hoping that if someone likes one they'll buy both.

For these pieces I used watercolor and it was a nice change to get back to that medium.  I'm feeling more comfortable with it, especially in such a small format.

When I started these I intended to put a little glitter on them once they were painted, and I did just that, using Diamond Glaze to both adhere the glitter and add a nice "varnish."  Before I added the Diamond Glaze, though, I sealed the painting with a coat of Krylon Workable Fixatif.  As always when I apply glitter, I applied a coat of Diamond Glaze and sprinkled it with glitter.  When it was dry I then "fixed" the glitter in place with a second coat of Diamond Glaze.

I took these photos after I added the glitter.  But I also took photos before.  Glitter is so hard to photograph so I wanted the "before" back-up photos for the eBay listings in case the ones with the glitter weren't good enough.  And actually, the "before" photos look a little better, but the glittery ones look good in person.

And thanks again to ArtGlitter who make such gorgeous art-quality glittter.

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  1. I have so enjoyed my visit on your blog. I love these ACEO's!!~~Where do I go to get them?~~Deborah