Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to the Ringtail

After polymer, gourd, and basket detours I am finally back to my ringtail cat and cactus wrens piece.  I am now at the point where I can continue with them separately as the backgrounds are pretty well established and flow nicely into each other.

So today I worked on the face.  I was happy with it until I stood back to take the photo and realized that my light source may be confused.  I am working from several separate reference photos of ringtails and each has a different light source.  And, to make things a bit dicier, the coloring on the animals shows individual variation that is pretty significant.

Anyway, the light source on the painting so far seems to be above and to the left - at 10 o'clock I'd say.  So I need to check both backgrounds and be sure that they're consistent with that.  Then I'm going to cut a bright orange sticky note arrow and put it on this painting to constantly remind me as I work.

It felt good to be painting again.

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