Sunday, November 16, 2014

How to Hatch an Owl

I've decided to see if I can make a felted owl.  As always, the first step was the armature.  For the armature, though, I only fashioned the spine, legs, feet, and a rudimentary skull.  The wings would come later. 

After making the aluminum wire armature, I created polymer clay claws and beak and pressed them around the points on the armature.   The whole thing went into the oven to cure.  Then I added the pipe cleaners so that the wool that I would apply later would have something to stick to.
I began the wool work with the feet, wrapping the individual toes and lower legs with the finish color, then moving upwards over the upper legs, body, and head with off-white core wool.  After building the body up to close to the finished size, I wrapped a wire around the chest with the ends forming the wings,  Once again, I wrapped these wire with pipe cleaners for the wool to stick to.

I wrapped the wing "bones" and continued to wrap the body and head until I had enough bulk to proceed with the finish colors.

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