Monday, November 10, 2014

Polar Bears on a Journal Cover

I do enjoy making these journals with the hand-painted canvas covers.  Here's my latest one - a polar bear mom and cub with the northern lights (loosely rendered!) overhead.  I used beautiful iridescent acrylics in parts of the sky, so that effect is really beautiful - more so in person than in the photos, though you can see a bit of it in the second picture.
The canvas I had ordered by-the-yard for these journal covers turned out to be too thin, but I discovered a blank canvas floor cloth that I have had for several years, and it's perfect!  In addition to being a nice weight, it's gesso'd on both sides.
When planning for this journal, I ordered some glass star-shaped buttons from an Etsy shop, but in the end they didn't look quite right.  Perhaps I'll use them if I made a cover with an owl or crows.