Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day Two of Watercolor

Now I've worked on my squirrel for a second day.  I felt that I needed more in the background and, since I always like a decorative element, I went for a tapestry of oak leaves.
I began by drawing them all in.  My idea was to paint around them with a light wash, leaving the leaves slightly lighter than the surrounding areas.  I began at the lower right.  Immediately I had that same old problem of varying tones since I hadn't mixed a bunch of wash first.  But I didn't realize that problem right away.  Or I was too lazy to stop and do it!
By the time I worked around to the upper left I was very frustrated and decided to switch to painting the leaves rather than the background.  And, surprise! I rather liked the effect.
To me, this painting doesn't seem quite finished, but I'm not sure what more to do.  It looks better cropped - isn't that always the case?!

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