Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Little Donkey

I think this little donkey is more successful than the needle-felted horses I've made even though they are so close to each other in shape.  Perhaps I just feel more empathy with donkies.  We used to have three horses and three donkies and although I loved the horses, I loved the donkies a little more - they were such free spirits!
Her hooves are polymer clay, so there were a few extra steps on the armature before I could actually begin the needle felting.  This little girl has the traditional markings with the cross over her spine and shoulders.
In the picture below, my donky meets up with the little alpaca the my sister Shelley made.  The two became instant best buds, and in this picture, the alpaca is telling the donkey a secret!

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  1. Deze zijn zo mooi en schattig samen , Kaaren, heel knap gemaakt !
    groetjes van Simonne