Wednesday, June 24, 2015

...and a Lamb

The peaceful and loving imagery of the lion and the lamb is irresistible.  A lamb has joined the lion, so here's my version.
Before I started the lamb I noticed that the lion needed a bit more mane behind his ears, so I added it, the on to the lamb.
The lamb is small, a bit over 2" tall.  Working this small, I sculpted the head and body from a single piece of clay then added the ears, legs, and tail.  When she was complete, I cut her in half at the waist, hollowed her out, then put her back together and poked a hole in her belly so the air can escape when firing. 
The final step was the texture.  In my earlier sheep I created texture by pressing tightly coiled spirals of copper wire into the clay.  But this time, I cut out irregular squiggly lines with my ribbon cut out tool.  I like both techniques but I think this is more realistic.

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