Thursday, June 11, 2015

Glaze Test Palettes

I'm ready to glaze my fairy sheep and dragon shepherdess, but this time I'm going to try to be smart!  I been disappointed so many times in the past relying on color swatches on websites.  So this time I decided to create color sample tiles specifically for this project.
First I identified possibilities from color swatches on websites.  Then I made 5" (so they'd fit in my small kiln) tiles from the clays that I actually used for the sculpture.  The base color of the clay really does affect the look of the glaze.  So I have three tiles - one (white) for the sheep, one (desert buff) for the dragon, and one (desert buff) for the cottage.  I stamped the color names,of the glazes and the clay into the tiles with my alphabet stamps then bisque fired, glazed, and final fired the tiles.  From these actual samples - fired on my clay with my glazes in my kiln - should give me a much better idea of what I'll get.

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