Monday, August 31, 2015

Dove Collage, continued again...

I decided that I needed a few more pieces in the collage and added two small pieces of calligraphy as well as the teabag leaf at the lower left.  I've also continued working more on blending the edges around the drawings to the point where I think I've done enough. 
Now it's time to attach the crown which I made from paper clay and painted with a two-step rust patina.  I glued it on with molding paste.  I deepened the color beneath the crown.
Although I'm generally happy with the piece, the texture of the green leaves and the cut edges of the upper frog really bother me.  That whole area is a mess.  And I don't like the acorn cap drawing.  What to do?  After much consideration, and reluctance to take such a drastic step, I've decided to cover these elements with molding paste to smooth the surface.  This will bury the upper frog drawing, so I'll have to do another one which is sad because I like this one.  But I just can't leave the area the way it is. to make these changes...

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