Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dove Collage is Finished!

So I re-drew the upper frog.  I slathered all the textured green leaves with a thick layer of molding paste to obscure the texture as best I could.  I also used the molding paste to "glue" the new frog drawing over the other.  The new frog drawing had wide torn margins whereas the original one was mostly closely cut.  I added more paint layers over the leaves, then took stock.  Relatively happy, I went on to add the last elements:  the rusty metal stars and the small pieces of foil confetti.
You might be amused to know that the foil confetti pieces were torn from the metallic foil wrap of a Lindt chocolate bar.  I cut the rust stars from old can lids from my "rust farm."
Here's how I run my "rust farm."  I have a covered plastic bucket with water with salt and white vinegar.  I soak newly salvaged can parts in that bucket.  Then, after a week or so (or maybe more - doesn't much matter) I take them out of the bucket and put them in an old cat litter pan that I keep moist.  I find that the rusted pieces come in handy for many things.
A few coats of satin varnish and this piece will be finished.  But I won't put the varnish over the rusted stars or the crown. I previously coated the stars with all purpose sealer, and there is no need to seal the crown.  I'm not varnishing them because I want to preserve their rustic look.

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