Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Bear Icon

I've now finished the Bear icon to go with the others.

The bee at the top is a vintage piece of jewelry.  The other bees are brass stampings, as is the bear.

I patina'd the bear stamping with Sophisticated Finishes Copper and Green Patina.

The fallen log with the bee hive is painted on the background.  The branches in the front are pieces of dried grape vine that I patina's - also with the Sophisticated Finished Copper and Green Patina.

The beaded floral sprig is one I did in a workshop a few years ago and kept around.

I really like this one.

After I finished it, I realized that I had painted one of the trees over a larger hole in the wood which looks like a hole in the tree trunk - I could have used that for the bee hive.  Or, I could make a tiny polymer clay bird to peek out of that hole.  Hmmmm.

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