Friday, September 25, 2015

The Book for a "Treasure Within"

During the afternoon of Lesley Venable's "Treasure Within" class we worked on our book pages.  The idea was that these six pieces would be chained together with a small ball chain and would live inside the decorated tin.
The blanks for the book pages are quite clever - little Formica samples.  I felt pretty uncertain until Lesley advised us to think of  the Formica pieces as tiny collage canvases.  Then it was off to the races - and quite fun.  My theme was Victorian cats and I had a fabulous piece of wrapping paper that I had saved from a few year's ago's birthday present from my sister.  It is a treasure trove of Victorian cat images.  I also had a few little snippets saved from magazines and catalogs.
It was a great project that I very much enjoyed.  Thanks, Lesley!

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