Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Raccoon Whatchamacallit

Making the first one was so much fun that I couldn't resist making another.  I have several more in mind.
As with the hare, I began with the raccoon drawing then proceeded to lay out the composition of the additional elements.  I really liked the metal border around the bottom of the hare piece.  That metal piece came from a small crown that I made in a workshop a couple of years ago and tore apart recently to "repurpose"  the parts.  The beaded flowers also came from that crown.
But the point is that I wanted another strip of tooled metal but didn't have one. What I did have was some thin copper sheet.  So I made a design, cut a piece of the copper to the size and shape I wanted, and incised a raised design with a stylus.  Then I aged it with Sophisticated Finishes' green patina solution.  I really like the look, and now I have a new technique in my tool kit.
The dragonfly stampings suggested the theme of the painting - a small stream at dawn.  As before, I really enjoyed painting on this distressed, aged wood.
As a finishing touch, I couldn't resist adding the crystal spires, made from vintage crystal beads, along the top.  So fun - from start to finish!

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