Friday, February 19, 2016

Continuing the Fox Painting

Sorry that the lighting is so bad on this photo. Also, I think I may have skipped a session.  So, all in all, my documentation of this process hasn't been all that good.
Anyway, I did a lot more work on the snow.  I also added the wire on the fence and some snow on the wire here and there.  As for the fox, I used washes to cover the white texture lines I added before.  I also strengthened the shadow beneath him.
When I painted the snow, I used bluer and slightly grayer colors for the mid-ground field than I did in the foreground where the fox is standing.  As I painted the mid-ground show, I just slapped the colors on in generally horizontal strokes.  Then I stood back to see what little bumps and indentations were suggested and strengthened those.  I particularly like the ones in the upper left.  I also added a shadow on the snow in that area where the tree with all the snow on its branches would cast it.
I've enjoyed painting the snow!

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