Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More Sculpting

One of my Etsy customers special-ordered a bear wall plaque.  She was looking through the items I had sold, saw it, and asked me if I could make her one.  Sure!  You see it lying on the drying rack at the right.

But it's a shame, as well as a waste of electricity, to fire the kiln for just one piece, so I made more.  Last winter's rabbit ornaments with the Swarovski crystals were well received, so I made another one - it's in the middle of the photo.  Then I decided to make other arctic animals in the same design, so I made an arctic fox (on the left) and a polar bear (to the right of the fox).

But that sill wasn't enough!   I proceeded to make a chipmunk in a nice dress.  I liked her so well that I wanted to keep her for myself (the pieces I was sculpting were for my Etsy shop), so I decided to make a second one - one for the shop and one for me.  It's been about five days since I finished them and now that they're thoroughly dry, they're in the kiln for their bisque firing.

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