Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Big Project

I'm starting this piece with the intention of entering it in an art show at a Lutheran church in Sacramento for religious and spiritual art.  The theme of the show is "Let the Spirit Sing."  It will be two young coyotes howling at the moon and will incorporate the text (author: me) "Nature is not mere backdrop.  Each of God's creatures sings his own song, center stage."

So I began with the drawing of the coyotes.  It took quite a while because they;re big (the coyote drawing is about 20" across) and because I had trouble with the legs.  But finally I finished.  Then I was able to determine the size of the entire piece and constructed the cradled board.  I also drew the dove.  I adhered the drawings to the board with Liquitex mat gel and when it had thoroughly dried I began adding glazes of transparent acrylic using Golden fluid acrylics.

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