Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tinkerbelle Fully Furred

Miss Tinkerbelle now has all her fur and, although I could continue fussing, I'm going to declare this painting finished. 

There are many things I could have - and should have - done better.  Probably the most important is establishing shadows behind her at the beginning.  Running a close second is that I should have had a good understanding of what was going on with her belly fur before I began painting.  The third thing is a detail, but an important one.  The base of the masked hairs in her ears are too thick, and they are not well "seated."  Overall, I could have made this a more interesting painting with some sort of background.

But on the positive side, after talking with Carel and trying, as he suggested, my paint not quite so thinned down, I was able to get satisfactory light hairs over the darker background.

My goal with this painting was to see if I could paint convincing fur with this technique.  I think I managed that, but the jury's still out on this technique for me - purely because of the light-over-dark limitations.  My alternatives are either oil or a final layer of oil over the acrylic.

All things said, I'm satisfied that this is an respectable effort.

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