Monday, July 23, 2012

A Rabbit in Time

I got pretty fascinated with vintage and antique pocket watch dials and purchased quite a few on Etsy.  Then what to do with them?  I used one in my owl box.  And as I sat looking at the others the other night, it seemed that a rabbit would go well with one.  This is the result.

I'm not sure how to finish the piece, but the bar across the top has a hole through it so I can string it on a necklace.  Last night I was on Etsy again and found small antique brass keys, including pocket watch keys.  I think one of them might be good in a dangle.  There is a hole just by the rabbit's right front foot from where the second hand is missing.  When I put this together, it was my intention to hang a dangle from that hole.

By the way, the rabbit is finished with mica powders then antiqued with Raw Sienna oil paint.  But I wish I had gone with Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber.  My thoughts in using the Raw Sienna were that it would complement golds and ambers, colors that I had in mind for the necklace at that time.

So, more to come once the packages arrive from Etsy!

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