Friday, July 20, 2012

A Wonderful Copper Finish

Triangle Coatings makes a wonderful line of products called "Sophisticated Finishes."  Their Copper is ground copper in clear acrylic and they also have patina coatings to turn the copper (or some of their other finishes) patina'd green or blue.

On this wolf head, I used the copper then the green patina.  The product is really simple to use.  I just painted two coats of the copper finish on cured polymer clay.  When it was nearly dry, I coated it with the patina finish then waited about an hour.  After that, I protected it with a coat of matte clear acrylic varnish.

I guess it must look just like copper because it IS copper.  I'd like to try the bronze as well as a few of the other finishes.  They also have a rust which is probably pretty cool.

This little wolf head is 1 1/2" across and I plan to use it in bead embroidery.

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