Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Box of Crows

This piece was beyond fun to make.  And it just seemed to flow.  It was inspired by a piece by Leslie Blackford in the book, "To Dye For" - which I highly recommend.  But although I was inspired by Leslie's piece, this one is really quite different.  I think you'd say the only things the two have in common is that they are both boxes and both have black birds on them.

Anyway, the trick I came up with was to first make a box out of corrugated cardboard and then build the box around it.  It's so handy that polymer clay cures at such a low temperature as it means I can cure the clay right over the cardboard - it won't slump in, and the cardboard won't burn.

This box isn't quite finished.  I only had one tiny onyx cabochon and so ordered three more for the other three sides.  As soon as they arrive I'll glue them in place, and the box will be finished.

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