Monday, December 31, 2012

Not a Vacation!

It's been a while now that I've been silent on this blog.  But I haven't been on vacation!  I've been working hard to complete ten art dolls to submit for an event at next June's NIADA (National Institue of American Doll Artsts) 50th annual convention in San Francisco.  Since the convention is relatively close to where I live it seems like a great opportunity to educate myself on the current status of an art form that I have newly discovered and so much enjoy.

The event is called "Ten by Twelve."  It's an opportunity for twelve "visiting artists" (i.e., not NIADA members) to show ten of their pieces, talk about them briefly, and hopefully receive feedback.  The twelve visiting artists are simply the first twelve to sign up, so it was important for me to get my nose to the grindstone and get into that group.  I inquired in mid-December how many they already had and mine was the second inquiry.  I finished all the dolls and submitted the photos last Friday, so I assume I'm in!  I sure hope it won't turn out to be an embarrassment for me!  Some of us are too cricital of our work, but I sometimes err in the other direction.

NIADA appears to be a pretty exclusive group, at least judging from their process for accepting new members.  It's a three-step process that takes two to three years to complete.  At the moment, I'm thinking of beginning it (deadline for phase 1 is the end of May) but I'm leery of entering into another deep disappointment like my attempts at getting into the Society of Animal Artists.  But, as the old adage says, "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

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