Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shepherdess Clothing

 Her clothes are almost finished now.  The pantaloons just need a bit of lace trim.  I ordered some vintage cream lace from Etsy and when I arrives I'll sew a row at the bottom edges of the pantaloon legs.

The hardest part of her clothing was the shawl.  It took a bit of trial and error to find a size of crochet thread that would give a reasonably correct scale.  This is size 20 and I used a #8 steel hook.  After struggling to hold onto the thread, I can better appreciate those who have successfully worked with the tiny thread - size 80, 100, or even thinner!

I constructed the bodice differently this time.  I finished all edges of both the sleeves and the bodice and whip-stitched them together in place.  It seemed to work better.  Also, for creating the pattern I started by cutting a curved band that fit properly around the waist then worked from that point.  Paper towels are great to use to develop patterns.

Her shepherdess's crook is a little branch of willow that I have bent and am holding in place with some wire.  My hope is that when it's dry it will hold this shape.  If not, I'll have to make one of polymer clay.  I like the wood better, so I hope this one works out.

Her little sheep are next.

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  1. hoi kaaren,
    het lijkt net of ze uit het sprookje de boze wolf van roodkapje,
    ken jij dat sprookje ook?
    daar lijkt ze wel op
    mooi gedaan hoor.
    ik zie nog steeds geen recreatie van jou op mijn blog jammer
    groetjes Marja