Saturday, February 16, 2013

Liking Peach

I was really liking peach for these two - glazes of Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow Medium, and Quinacridone Burnt Orange over each other.  The glazes are so satisfying with the soft body acrylics since when a layer dries, the next layer doesn't disturb it at all.  I find colors created this way so much more vibrant that when I mix them ahead of time.

Boy were the roses hard to paint!  The one on the right came out best, in my opinion.  I tried to remember my china painting days (never was very good at roses though), but they were quite a struggle.

Both of these pieces show how great it is to be able to use the opaque gouche.  In the pink roses, I used the opaque white for the petal edges.  And then I could glaze over it with the soft body acrylics.  For the rabbit, I used the opaque gouache for the underpainting of the leaves and single roses after I was done with the rabbit.  From there I detailed them with the soft body acrylics.  It sure was a treat to not have to paint around everything!

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  1. Het is zo lief allemaal ik heb ervan genoten lieve groetjes Danielle