Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Pleasant Interruption

A friend asked me to make two journals as gifts for her new (by marriage) granddaughters, and I was happy and honored to oblige.  Ironically, I had been thinking for the past few days that I would like to get back to making journals.  That, and the fact that the theme was to be cats, made the project - an interruption to my progress on my autumn fox painting - a very pleasant interruption indeed.
It was such a treat to paint the cats, and fun to select the buttons and thread for the binding.  Although I already had buttons that would work, I decided to go to a sewing store to find the ones that would be absolutely perfect.  Much to my surprise, there were no buttons at all in this shade of blue!  How we consumers are held hostage by the fashion palette of the season!
I am happy to report that my friend was pleased with the journals, and also that I'm planning to make more.  I'd like to do one with a polar bear and one with an owl - perhaps a snowy owl.

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