Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Sheep

Happily, all the sheep in my Etsy shop have found new homes, so it's time for more.  This one actually began life as a reindeer.  I was working on a custom order for two 10" tall reindeer, and the armature I made for the first one is inside this sheep.  As I put the core wool on the armature I realized that it was too small for the reindeer so I just put it aside and started over.

But I kept looking at that wool-covered armature, wondering what I would see in it.  And eventually I saw a sheep, which turned out to be a spunky Suffolk, with a beautiful collar in shades of lavender and violet with a tassel and bell.  I think she's quite elegant.  She's listed in the shop now, and while she's waiting for a new home she's enjoying hanging out with the other felted creatures.

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