Thursday, January 29, 2015

Under Construction

Here's Ruthie's sundress under construction.  The fabric I'm using is from an old feedsack.  I got it on Etsy.  I like that it's faded and has a few stains and tiny holes and worn spots here and there.  It's perfect for a prairie dog's dress as it gets lots of wear and tear digging around in those burrows. 

I've patterned the design after and actual old child's dress that I found on Etsy.  The dress is so sweet - made from old feedsacks with a yellow floral design.  It has a bit of lace trim and mis-matched buttons all down the back.  I can just picture mom - maybe during the Depression - making this sweet little dress for her daughter - such a poignant thought.

Anyway, in this photo I'm sewing the collar sections on.  Then there will be the lining for the bodice which will finish the neck and back edges; sewing the side seams, finishing the armholes with self bias, and finally, the hem.

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