Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More on Boson

I've worked more on Boson's portrait.  My sister critiqued the painting-in-progress and suggested that the eyes didn't match.  I have tried to correct that but see now that I haven't quite succeeded.  I worked on his right eye but see now that I need to do more on his left eye also.  The slants don't match.

I can also see that I need to work on the lower chest.  And the fringe of white hair over they gray looks too rough.

My sisteer also suggested that a background reminiscent of the old Wuthering Heights movie would be appropriate for this "Heathclissesque" portrait.  So, I've tried to achieve that.

I'm contemplating a lightning bolt.  It's a bit corny and perhaps over-dramatic.  But that's the kind of thing I like.

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