Monday, October 26, 2015

My third Oil Painting

My three oil paintings are getting smaller and smaller - this one is 8" x 8".

Lately I've been going through my old "Birder's World" magazines, cutting and saving the photos that I really like and throwing the rest away.  It's a way of reducing the volume of old magazines that I've been holding on to.

As I go through those old magazines I realize that I have whole lifetimes' worth of source materials there at my fingertips.  I found so many of the photos inspirational, but I especially liked a series of three different kinds of swallows.  I have a sentimental attachment to them.

There was a pair of barn swallows that used to nest on the stucco wall outside of our family room every year and they were a joy to watch.

None of the three swallow photos I can across were barn swallows, but this little cliff swallow has very similar coloration.

At our last Placerville Arts Association meeting, Victoria Brooks, who is a wonderful oil painter whose subjects are most often children, demonstrated for us.  It was so timely for me as I am just beginning this medium.  I took note of and liked many of the things she said, and I'm following her method in several ways - but more about that next time.

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