Friday, August 5, 2016

A Collage for a Challenge

The next reader challenge from "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" Magazine is to create an 8"x10" piece of art featuring hand lettering as the focal point.  I'm finding it both fun and stimulating to enter these challenges and this one is right up my alley as I really like words!

Pretty quickly, I decided that my word would be "oiseaux' which is French for "birds."  From there, I gathered my collage materials, focusing on pieces with French words or writing, or birds.  It's always fun to go through the papers I've saved and remind myself of the things I have.  I found several photos of birds from magazines and considered using them directly.

That led me to a bit of research on copyright law and I think I may have been OK with it, but I decided to do drawings instead and use them.. I love to draw, and I think it makes for a finished piece that is more special.  So I did the drawings on Strathmore Mixed Media paper and then added a touch of transparent acrylic, working with it as though it were watercolor.

I did a couple of layers and then stopped at this point to let everything dry really well over night.  In the morning, any of the papers that had wrinkled slightly were nicely flattened out.

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