Tuesday, August 9, 2016

'OISEAUX' finished

I may have a few little tweaks left, but in general, I'm finished.  Working on this has been an absolute delight.

To get to this stage, I first added a few more elements to the collage - the feather and the tiny blue playing card.

Then I began working with acrylic paint.  I painted over the white edges around the town out drawings.  For the nest with the eggs, I defined the egg shapes and added depth around them.  Then I added dark and light squiggles for the finer branches in the nest.

I painted the letters Van Dyck Brown with a script liner brush.  And then I floated Jenkins Green around the letters.  I washed a bit of Phthalo Blue over some of the green.  

My final steps were to add my favorite embellishment of tiny dots, the finger edge of bronze metallic paint, and the bronze details over the brown of the lettering.  My very last touch was to add the 3D bird square at the center top.  I made several of this a few years ago from polymer clay in a mold I made from an old button.  I've used the in a few projects and they're nice to have on hand.

I'm happy with this piece - I sure hope "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine likes it!

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