Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Little Cabin Style

I was so pleased with this little piece that I'm making more with different birds and animals as the central subject.  

It's a simple collage on a 6" x 6", 1" deep cradled board.  I get these boards from and I like both the quality and the price.

I've collected several pages from old magazines that are whole-page photos of beautiful outdoor scenes.  I'll be using them for the backgrounds for these pieces.  The one I used here is a scene from Giverny.

Anyway, I began the piece by completed the painting with acrylic on Strathmore Mixed Media paper.  I work thin, so it looks like watercolor.  To get this edge, I scored straight lines partway through the paper with a craft knife so that when I tore the edges, the edge of the top, painted layer would be mostly straight.

I wrapped the board with the magazine photo, using Golden Soft Gel Medium.  I then used the same medium to adhere the little painting in the center.  The torn edges were awfully white, so I toned them down a bit with a thin acrylic wash, bringing out the purply-reds of the berries.  I added other collage elements - a scrap of vintage paper on which I wrote "a small voice in the wilderness," a metal stamping of a butterfly, and a tiny metal medallion embossed with a bee.

For the final touch, I added twigs to the edges to emulate a frame and give the piece a "cabin style" look.

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