Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Great Four and Twenty Blackbird Escape

My friend, Cathy, and I are going to be in an invitational ceramics show.  Each artist begins with a 13" bisque plate to make a plate-shaped slab from, and we each follow our own muse from there.

As soon as I saw the bisque plate, I thought of all the pies I've made and how my favorite part was always crimping the edges.  My inspiration was the four-and-twenty blackbird baked in a pie, but my interpretation would be the great four-and-twenty blackbird escape!  There are only six birds in the pie (one of which you can't see from this angle) because the rest have already escaped!

Here's the finished sculpture after it's been bisque fired.  I'm so thankful that it all held together.  It was quite a heart-stopped putting the green piece into the kiln.

My challenge with the glazing will be to make it interesting although the natural colors of piecrust and blackbirds are rather dull.

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