Friday, September 2, 2016

Another Collage

Here's my latest collage.  It's on an 11"x 14" canvas board and is primarily snippets from magazines plus a few pieces of text from old books.  I also did some painting on it extending the motifs from some of the magazine images.  Examples  are trees in front of the old buildings and leaves extending outward from the fragment of a mural with leaves and birds.

I began with the piece with the horses in the upper right.  They suggested such wildness to me - perhaps horses from the past in Ireland or Britain.  From there, I selected some pictures of old buildings and also skies, clouds, and trees. My thought was that the old buildings, even though they are very elegant, are made from wildness (stones and timber) and wildness will eventually reclaim them.  This set a mood for me and I tried to keep that mood in the piece as I worked.

I carefully arranged the pieces before I glued anything down.  I glued them down in two or three layers, adding thin washes of fluid acrylics between and over the layers.

Unlike the collage in the previous post, every inch of this canvas is covered with glued-on element.

I was tempted to add some text explaining, or perhaps only suggesting, my inspiration.  But I decided it was better without it.  I would leave interpretation to the viewer.  My sister likes it and describes the piece as "evocative."  I appreciate that!

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