Friday, January 13, 2017

Begining the Collage

The photo quality is pretty bad, but hopefully you get the idea.  I painted the background - antique white at the bottom a few light blues and light blue-greens in the middle, and soft white at the top.  I used opaque acrylics and roughly blended the colors together.

After that I began the collage.  For the collage papers, I made several sheets of tissue paper.  I used stencils that I made with my Cricut machine and designs of blossoming almond branches and falling petals.  I stenciled the white tissue paper with gesso, then painted over it with watercolor.  The watercolor doesn't stick very well to the gesso, so the stenciled parts remain light.  For some of the pieces with falling petals, I mixed a bit of red into the gesso then used blue watercolor over it.  I really enjoyed this part!  By the way, I used Liquitex mat gel medium to adhere the tissue paper.

For the petals around and below the rabbits, I cut shapes from scraps of this tissue paper and glued them on with mat gel medium.

I've also cut pieces of 1/4" thick hardboard to back the upper rabbits and adhered the drawings to them.  The corner pieces are just taped in place for the photo.

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