Sunday, January 15, 2017

Correction Needed!

If you look at the bottom of the painting in the last post you will see that the lower rabbit is cut off mid way down the body.  That's because when I did the original drawing I intended that that would be the bottom of the piece, but when I arranged things on the board I didn't like the rabbits being quite so low down, so I glued them on with a gap of about 3" at the bottom.  Now I have to do something with that gap.

I had three thoughts - I could put a band of something across the bottom, or I could finish the bottom of the rabbit, or I could put something in front of him.  I decided to finish the bottom of the rabbit.  I thought I was done!  But I put it up beside the TV to study it and immediately decided that the lower left was just too empty.

More rabbits!  I thought I'd need two more.  But I began with just this one with her back to use and looking back over her shoulder.  Once I put her in place, I was happy with the composition.  So now on to finish the piece.

By the way, this photo shows the difference between the drawing to the graphite and colored pencil stage (lower left rabbit) and the drawings with light washes of acrylic over them (all the other rabbits).

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