Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fallen Petals - the Layout

I also wanted two rabbits for the top of the piece.  Once I had those drawn, I could decide how big the overall piece would be and construct the cradled board.  The large piece is 1/4" thick hardboard and the edges are 3/4" pine.  These boards are pretty easy to construct and, for large boards like this one, well worth making as they are expensive to buy.

I sprayed the board with primer, then applied the main group of rabbits with Liquitex matte gel medium.  The top rabbits are just taped on for the photo.  Later I'll cut corner pieces from more 1/4" thick hardboard and attach them to those corners.  But I want to finish the background - at least at the upper part of the piece - before I add the corner pieces.

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