Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beginning the Kindly Shepherdess

I'm starting my next project - a kindly shepherdess character doll.  She's a wolf and will have a small flock of two or three sheep.

Here's the first step - her head sculpted in polymer clay.  I didn't worry too much about the clay color because I'm going to paint the whole head.  The eyes are glass from http://www.glasseyesonline.com.

The teeth are also polymer clay.  Ordinarily I would have cured them first then set them into the uncured head.  But I worked with these teeth uncured and cured the head with the uncured teeth in it.
Here's the painted head.  I'm pleased with the way she turned out.  I think she's quite a beautiful wolf.
And here's the armature complete with head and paws.  I worked carefully on this armature to get the pose I wanted.  And only when I reached that point did I sculpt the paws.  That way I was sure to get them in poses that would work with the overall pose.

She's be holding a shepheress's crook in her right front paw.

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  1. Hoi Kaaren,
    wat een mooi koppie heeft de of wolf
    leuk gemaakt je bent een kanjer
    heb jij al reactie gehad voor je workshop???
    fijne avond Marja