Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beginning the Reindeer

This is the very beginning of the reindeer I'm making to accompany my stable elf - just the armature so far.

I made the antlers from polymer clay, and included a base with a hole that the armature wire could go through.  For the wire I used 12 gauge single strand insulated electrical wire.  The insulating is a nicer surface to work with than just bare wire.  As you can see from the picture, I then wrapped the wire with strips of felt and sewed them in place.  Now I'm ready for the felting.

By the way, I also formed the polymer clay antlers over an armature.  I made that one from 16 gauge copper wire and wrapped the wire snuggly with florist's tape so that the clay would have something to grab on to.


  1. hallo kaaren,
    wat heb je dat leuk gedaan.
    ben benieuwt naar het eind resultaat
    groetjes Marja

    1. Hi, Marja,
      I completed the reindeer yesterday and will be posting him later today. Thanks for looking at my blog!